Inspired by BOTERHAM in Amsterdam

As an interior designer (or interior design student) it is a DREAM when you work with high-end design. Well, maybe not for all, but speaking about myself, as a high-end design lover, I find it amazing to work with the most precious designs from Italy, Britain, North-America, Scandinavia and The Netherlands. Think about brands such as Moooi and Kartell. 
For an upcoming project, which is a realistic project, which is VERY challanging: I am dealing with a low budget, small space which needs to be functional in many ways. Well, that is all I can tell about the project. 

The style has to be modern yet timeless and has to fit into the house style. The atmosphere of the space needs to be functional, relaxing and creative at the same time. 

Personally, my taste in interior design can be outrageous and peaceful too. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, I love to have a room full of Royal Blue but I love to be in a full white room too. I love to combine different kind of materials and I am not afraid of combining textures, but at the same time; ton-sûr-ton makes me happy too. 

Well, back to this project again. I have created this fast moodboard, so it will be clear what my ‘atmosphere’ ideas are, next to the functional part of the space. The target group of the room are mainly entrepreneurs and students in the creative sector. The main functions of the space are for presentations and workshops. 

Materials I have choosen are: Chipwood in combination with steel. The reason why I will use chipwood is because of many different reasons: 1.Timeless and easy to combine 3. Modern yet naturalistic touch 4. Easy to paint 5. Gives an extra touch in a ton-sûr-ton colored space 6. Low price and sustainable 

Details of steel to support the modern and timeless atmosphere, industrial touch, easy to work with and very sustainable too 😉 

Storage in small spaces needs to have creativity, which can be sometimes hard when you have to deal with many rules. But wait, for every problem, there IS a solution! 



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