Opalina by Cristina Celestino

Horay! I received the official phone call today: I AM GRADUATED AS AN INTERIOR DESIGNER! Happiness!

Oh well, back to back; tiles. Oh, I love tiles. They are everything. Especially handcrafted tiles in mosaic made in Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Handcrafted, unique and endless combinations for endless styles. During  my daily dose of reading, I have found another talented designer name: Cristina Celestino! 

Her light and harmonious touch is as delicate as here products are fascinating. Cristina Celestino is an architect but focused on design since 2010 after graduating in Venice in 2005 and then moving to Milan. She works with many companies, since 2010, has been successfully developing her own research projects for her Attico Design Studio brand. Her designs are in the permanent collection of the Milan Triennale and she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Plumage by Cristina Celestino – BottegaNove

Celestino is currently working with several firms. As creative director of BottegaNove, based in Nove in the Vicenza hinterland and making its debut at Milan Design Week 2016, she is presenting Plumage, an unusual and successful exploration into textured tiles. This signature ceramic and porcelain mosaic collection was inspired by bird feathers, developed in uncommon colours and several sizes and “plumages”


Cristina Celestino
Obei Obei Mirrors by Cristina Celestino




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