When working in the (fashion) retail, you see many interesting faces through the day. Nowadays with blogs such as ‘Humans of Amsterdam’ and ‘Humans of New York’ we truly realize that every human creature is living with its own story. We all have something we’d love to do and we all got hurt sometimes. 

On an average workday in the (fashion) retail, you see and speak with many people. Some are just asking and some are coming by to chit-chat. Sometimes it happends, when a customer is coming by with an intense positive and happy vibe with amazing stories, that just happend today. 

His name is Alfred and you can guess his age. Originally from Curacao and living at the moment in The Hague. He is living in Holland for 51 years and studied nursery. Now he is living and enjoying his life (In his words: my whole life) and he is married to his lovely wife. ‘With fashion, she knows what’s trendy and what is fitting me the best, besides that, I wear this with my heart, soul, because this is what I love to wear’. 

My heart gets happy when I see people who are wearing clothes with their heart, soul and everything they have. They are very aware of their own style and they are rocking it. Age is, again, just a number. 

I asked him if I may take a photo of him, because he is looking so cool, so stylish! He was very enthousiastic about my question and told me that recently a street style photographer wanted to take pictures of me.’ If that’s all to make you happy, I’m in’. In a few seconds he was posing and very ready to take pictures of him. His words: ‘I assume you know how to take photos of me, because you love fashion’. This man!!!! Amazing! 


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