unnamedDuring the Salonè della Moda S/S 2016 fashion show, I had the privilege to meet and interview the young talented fashion designer Ece Ozalp from Istanbul, Turkey. With her second collection named ‘Reflection’ showing at her second SDM Fashion Show, she stole my heart, our hearts. I would describe this beautiful collection as futuristic, feminine, fresh and somewhere it reminds me of Japanese costumes. Fact: She designed and created her second collection in one month (!!!)

Is this your first fashion show? No, this is my second fashion show where I present my second collection ‘Reflection’. My first collection ‘Perception’ was presented at the previous Salonè della Moda (2015) Fashion Show.


Tell me something about the collection. In my first collection I talk about the idea of questioning reality by using photographs and projection in the garments. The question of ‘What is real? Is it things we are able to see or is there more?’ That is how I created the name ‘Perception’ for my first collection. This collection was in collaboration with creative agency ‘Bi’Seyler. Bi’Seyler is a new media agency with passion for integrated design, production, narrative and technology. After my first collection named ‘Perception’ I have called my second collection ‘Reflection’. Reflection is all about my thoughts after Perception, our reality. I have realized that what we reflect about our feelings is the reflection of our world also. I have used nature prints to present the world and have used graphic and industrial prints to represent the people. Our reflection is making our world.

[I just had one month to create this entire collection and today was the last day of working on the collection, it is done and I just don’t know what to do with so many free time (haha). I have to do something!]


For this collection I have used materials such as scuba and faux fur (fake fur). Scuba is one of my favorite materials because there is no such thing as scuba. Scuba gives the garment its silhouette that no other material can give the garment. It is all about the shape and how it stays in shape. Each piece of garment I have digitally printed with the industrial and graphic prints. Faux fur can be seen as the blush pink details in the garments.

Is there a reason for using many grey tones in your collection? I think it is a matter of taste. I have used many grey tones in combination with the pink and light green, to let the soft colors pop more. I believe that it is always the taste for creating a collection. When I make something, I try to design something I’d like to wear.

What are your dreams in fashion? I want to create things which I love to make all the time, without any limitations. That is the reason why I choose for fashion and design. When I was young, I always created clothes for my dolls and suddenly I have found myself studying International Finance (haha). After that I have seen that I was made to work in the fashion industry, and so it begun. Now I have learned more about myself and doing the things I love to do. I want to create something that belongs to me, I want to tell a story with my clothes. That is the reason why every collection has its own story, my thoughts.


How is Turkey reacting on young fashion designers? I am studying Fashion and Design in Istanbul and Turkey is well known about its textile production. They are really good at it (for example denim), but the sad thing is that there are not so many young fashion brands with a platform. They don’t have independent fashion platforms for young designers and fashion students, which is a pity. Istanbul is known about the Istanbul Fashion Week, which is cool, but only a platform for bigger fashion brands. I hope for the future that Turkey will create more fashion platforms for our young designers to show their talents and techniques.

Ece Ozalp has a few selling points:

  • PENTLJA CONCEPT STORE | Ljubljana, Slovenia






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